My last blog was about finding peace in the midst of all the noise and distractions among us. I wrote about the need that most of us have to be entertained rather than being still and in the moment, because that blog seemed to get more engagement then some of the previous blogs. I decided to piggyback off of it to include tips on how to find balance in a less then balanced society, with so many of us needing entertainment and things, in order to be in a place of inner peace. It is important to restore ones balance and find joy in the simple things again.

Not only are we affected by the energy that we all share, we also have a need for “things” to fill any missing void in our lives. Naturally we gravitate to things that “make us happy” so to speak. But the reality is according to books and studies all that we need to cope with life’s ups and downs is right inside of our selves. We don’t need people to control our moods, we don’t need things to bring us fulfillment, according to the great guru’s and coaches everywhere, all that we need to live a happy, peaceful, sustained life is within us. Imagine that!

This is actually a subject that I can relate to all too well especially with a profession that requires me to give and absorb so much energy to and from others. Not only do we spend our day to day taking all of these things in we are also being affected by all the things that we see, hear and as a result feel. Other people affect our happiness, as well as other feelings we have even people we don’t know can put us in a sour mood if we don’t understand how to find that inner peace and balance.

Working in the beauty profession can be beautiful and exciting being around all the creative energy and having the opportunity to make people feel amazing. You get to engage with so many different personalities and even experience other people cultural differences. Working in the salon invites people from all walks of life to come together for a common purpose and that is get, “beauty-fied”!

The salon is the perfect setting for all things beauty and enhancement so it would be only natural that anything connected to beauty entertainment and attraction will filter its way into the salon. Often the salon is used as an outlet to sell items that enhances how one feels like purses, shoes, even tickets to up and coming concerts and show. We have even had people coming to sell jewelry. Occasionally people will come on Fridays to sell the best “feel good” comfort foods and desserts.

I guess it all makes sense, after all the beauty salon is the place where you go to look good, enhance your mood and become renewed. So the notion to cater to ones “feel good” senses is ideal at the place where men and women are open to buy things and do things to make them feel happy. When you are in an environment where the energy is so high with all of this exchange; buying, selling, talking and physically engaging in this whole process it can be pretty taxing and draining.

I must admit in my earlier days of working in the beauty salon I would be one of the ones buying the feel good food, jewelry, purses, and the clothes because admittedly, they made me happy. It seemed to be the norm for me to find happiness in the things that I could hold and touch. I, like most had become consumed by what was around me and not necessarily what was inside of me. Half of the things I never used, or would get it home and realize I didn’t need it or didn’t love it as much as I did when I was caught in the moment.

The truth is when we are centered, we spend less money on frivolous things, we don’t get raveled by other peoples energy (so fast), and we realize that, everything we need to sustain happiness is literally, within us.

I have become a minimalist over the last few years, but the truth is that it was always in me, in spite of my earlier years in the salon and the need that I had to buy things that people would come by the salon and sell. However over the past few years I have begun to downsize tremendously and not keep things that I really don’t care about, want, or need.

Here is where I will tie it all end and nail the point. We don’t need an excess of things to be happy, we don’t need an excess of outside influence to feel good inside. When we find peace within, we find balance. Once we really find that place of balance (it’s a balancing act) we can make conscious choices about how we live and HOW we let others affect our energy. When you find that place of balance in a world that force “things” upon us, to speak to our own personal happiness and joy, we will see that we really don’t need much at all.

Every few months I literally go through my personal things and I do a cleaning up of my space. If I don’t need it, if it doesn’t serve a purpose or if it has no place I get rid of it. That’s just me, and how I cope because part of what keeps me centered is not feeling clutter around me. Your process may obviously be different.


WAKE UP EARLY EACH MORNING- I can remember I use to say people that get up at 4:30 a.m. are crazy! Well now I set my alarm for 4:30 every morning. I do this because it seems to be the only way I can truly stay in front of my day. Originally I just wanted to get some writing and reading done however, I did not know it would bring about a sense of peace and balance in that quiet still hour. Since I have been setting my alarm (it’s still hard to wake up) I start my morning with prayer and thankfulness, and I am able to power through my day with gratitude.

WORKOUT- Exercising in the morning is one of the most important parts of my day. I feel like it’s about me against myself. When I am pushing my body pass my own personal limitations it is as though I challenge me to be better. This gives me a fulfillment of knowing I am allowing me to be the best I can, or at least working on it. I don’t need anything else to be at peace, knowing I am working on my best self is enough.

EAT WELL- Very recently I have incorporated a better way of eating into my daily routine and I must say it has had a tremendous impact on how I feel from the inside, thus creating more sustained balance. I have decided to eliminate just about all processed foods (because sometimes you don’t know it’s processed with all the hidden ingredients in food) and really loading up on the fruits, veggies and cleaner eating. I feel great. I have been avoiding all the temptation to eat the crap that our society is pushing us to consume in order to feel good and be happy.

ACUPUNTURE- I have been a big advocate for acupuncture for the past 11 years, I get it religiously and I know that it will be a part of my life for as long as I live. That’s how strongly I feel about it. I originally started getting acupuncture to feel better with the work related pain I was dealing with. I now get it for overall wellness and, you guessed it, balance. These miracle needles help with every part of us you could possibly imagine including mood and mental health.

MINAMILST- Now this is a pretty sensitive subject. When I suggested to my relative about downsizing so much of her stuff, you would have thought I sentenced her to time in jail, she was distraught. So let me be perfectly clear what being a minimalist looks like and feels like for me. I do not like clutter at all. Therefore I go through my things regularly to clear out the old create space and keep the energy in my working and living space flowing freely. I have a personal rule for myself that if I have clothes that I have not worn for 2 season cycles then it’s probably time for me to get rid of them. Yes I am told that they may be extreme but that’s ok, your de clutter process may be different from mine. The point for me is I need clean and clear energy flowing around me and I make sure I keep it that way by doing regular de cluttering.

These practices really work for me. They allow me to live a life of peace in a not so peaceful world. My thought process is clear therefore I don’t have to be sucked in a pulled every which way because of lack of balance. I can find quiet and enjoyment within instead of looking to be entertained outside. Don’t get me wrong if I want to play, I play. If I want to find calm I can find it in an instant, within.

What are some of the things that you do for personal happiness and balance?

    If you guys feel that this information is helpful, please let me know! If you would like for me to elaborate more, let me know that as well! I love hearing from you, so please give me more feedback on how I can serve you!

How do you find Balance?

Life really has a way of bringing us around full circle

Hey there, for those that don’t know me, my name is Alithea Amore Robinson, born November 13, 1975 in New York City. Alithea, pronounced, Ah-lee-thee-uh, means Truth in the Greek language. As a youth until young adulthood, I was ashamed of my name, I felt it was old fashioned and I did not like to be called by that name!

Therefore, for many years and still, I have gone by the nickname, Lisa. It wasn’t until I found my truth and purpose that I realized how blessed I am to have been chosen to have that name. It represents the core of who I am and everything that I stand for.  My middle name Amore, means love in Spanish and French, ironically or maybe not ironic at all.

I identify my core values on the principal of living in my own truth and being lead by love. Not the googly kind, in fact I believe in tough love just as much as compassion. We all need a heavy dose of the truth even when it hurts sometimes. I didn’t always see value in truth and love especially when I didn’t even accept who I was by my god-giving name, imagine that.

A name I once despised is now a name I hold sacredly with dignity and honor. Life truly has a way of bringing things around in full circle. What we once despised we grow to love. What we once wanted desperately has now lost it’s value. What we said we would never do we often find ourselves in that same catch 22! My favorite evolution of all, when they counted you out, or maybe you counted you out and then the tables turn!

As a troubled youth, who struggled through an overlooked learning disorder and low self-esteem, I failed the second grade and was behind grade level all the way through school until I finally dropped out of the 9th grade. A young teenage mother and high school dropout, I wrote my own self off as a failure who would not go far in life. I didn’t believe I was smart enough or capable of being successful.

At the age seventeen I was forced by my parents to go to beauty school as a final attempt to turn my life around.  I was not one to be easily swayed or convinced to do anything I did not want to do and although I wasn’t the least bit interested in the beauty industry I decided to do as instructed and give it a go. It became one of the best decisions I have ever made for my life!

I attended one of the best beauty schools in the state of California, at the time I did not know what that really meant. I didn’t think that I would do well, after all there was math, science and chemistry involved and I felt very discouraged to take on the challenge, but I did.

I was part of the graduating class of 1993, the first thing I had ever completed! It gave me the confidence to start believing that I was more capable than I knew. Graduating beauty school was the catalyst that opened me to new possibilities for my life and my young daughter’s life. The first five years of my career I had the privilege to shadow behind a very well-known hair weave expert. He gave me the foundation and tools to follow in his footsteps one day. 

In 2001, after exactly five years of working hard in a new city, I still failed to build a clientele and I was just making enough money to live. I finally caught a big break! I had an amazing opportunity to open a beauty salon inside of a beauty store in my community. I had no clients, no stylist and no money but I had faith! I had faith the size of a mustard seed and I believed that if I stepped out on faith, showed up everyday on time and maintained my professional demeanor that I could capture the attention of the people shopping in the beauty store, and I did!

I knew based on what I was taught in beauty school, talent was important but being available and reliable would have just as much impact. My goal was to combine all those things and stand out from the masses. From the day I opened the doors with no clients, no stylist and no money, I was able to build a very successful salon with clientele and over a twelve-year time span, I opened two more!

In 2006, I opened up my own beauty store and salon establishment, Hair Weaves and Extensions Salon, where I trained and mentored other stylist who wanted to build a successful industry career as well. My website, has been a number one searched website for years and all the keywords are still top ranking in google search engine today. My mission statement is to love what you do, have a service mentality, be on time for work and the rest will follow.

In 2016, I closed my brick and mortar establishment the plans are to completely retire from standing behind the chair over the next few years, presently I focus on mentoring, writing and teaching others who want to learn my weaving and hair replacement techniques. I still still do private work with women who suffer from hair loss.

Alithea Amore Robinson, the girl who once believed she had no worth and was not able to be successful because I thought I wasn’t smart. The girl who hated her name and now her request is when you say it, say it correctly! A girl, who once looked down on her self but now loves her self from the inside out.

And, although to some I may not have accomplished much but looking back at the journey, for me it has been leaps and bounds!

Today I am a senior cosmetologist, expert stylist, mentor, author and owner of Truth Organic Products.

And my journey has just began!

want to no more, want to know how, want to know me

Where Do We Find The Balance?

Have you ever tried finding peace in the midst of all the noise and distraction around you? This comes easy for some, but for me not so much. I’m on a constant quest for balance and I like many, find myself distracted by the noise of social media, work lines and emails! But, not only business and social, family demands as well. The balance between the world and peace of mind is extremely thin.

Just about all these things are distracting with nonsense, (sometimes) including family . It’s so easy to look up and realize you’ve wasted a lot of time engaging in things that don’t mean anything, or at best; they can wait. These distractions throw us off every time! I can speak for myself in that just like working out to stay fit and healthy is a never ending quest, so is the balancing acts of life. For me exercise and balancing life have become as natural as drinking water.

For me it is about getting on top of day, this is why I’m generally awake one or two hours before my day has to officially start. I sit in silence for at least twenty minutes before my feet even touch the floor. It also means exercise, listening to motivational speaking, a cup of coffee etc.. If I had to jump into my morning any other way it would throw me off and I wouldn’t be at my best. Society and social, influences us to just go. Consume more, do more, and everything we need or want is at the tip of our finger with one swipe or click. No wonder people can’t figure out if their coming or going! No wonder why adults suffer attention deficit just as much as the youth, the broad spectrum between everyday life and peace of mind is staggering!

Not only do we spend our day to day taking all of these things in we are also being affected by all the things that we see, hear and as a result; feel. At one point, I was so consumed with life that I never took time to smell the roses. I worked so much and became so busy in the salon that eventually, my physical being took a toll, I was so stressed out that I was hard to be around. Now, my stress level is at a minimum, it’s hard to believe I am the same person. Its not that change came easy, its that balance and peace became very important. It became a matter of physical and mental health.

I have even learned to live a minimalist lifestyle in exchange for peace and detachment from things. Again, this is day by day and each moment at a time process. All things that we maintain are generally work and progress, eliminating clutter and dysfunction are no different. I de-clutter and work daily to stay within my center. And I will never again be consumed by the world or things that don’t mean much to me.


WAKE UP EARLY EACH MORNING- I start my morning with thankfulness, and I am able to power through my day with gratitude.

WORKOUT- Exercising in the morning is one of the most important parts of my day.

ACUPUNCTURE- For overall wellness and, you guessed it, balance!

TIME ALONE- I can not stress enough how important my me time is! I take me out on dates, I go on vacations, I even like to have alone time to reflect on my birthday.

DECLUTTER- I make a point to remove old unwanted things out of my space on a regular occasion, if it has no purpose it can not stay. It is a known fact that we can not clear our minds in an unclear space.

What are some of the things that you do for personal happiness, peace and balance?

Life will always throw lemons at you,–you better learn how to make lemonade.

The Journey Begins

Welcome and thank you for joining me! Welcome to my new blog journey. My name is Alithea Robinson. As a youth I really struggled with that name. I could not find value in that name although I knew it had a very special meaning. I could not figure, out of all the names in the world how I ended up with a name such as this. Not only was it an older name, it is also butchered by most who attempt to say it! My name is pronounced, Ah-lee-thee-ah, it means truth in the Greek language. Ironically my middle name Amore mean love in french and Spanish. I hated that name so much that I voluntarily nicknamed myself, Lisa.

My name is who I am and it represents a part of my inner strength. A name I once ran away from I now draw strength from. It’s amazing to me how life’s journey has a way of unfolding in that way. Think about it, the things we love are often the same things we find fault in (people and things). That which makes us happy often has the ability to make us sad. And the things we crave and long for are often the things that we don’t need.

Here on this blog platform, you will find truth, love and inspiration beyond my expertise in the hair industry. I want to see everyone evolve into their greater selves, I invite you to evolve with me! Life happens; just like bad weaves, but good, bad or indifferent, the journey never stops! Life, also like bad weaves can be made better!

Every now and again you need someone you can relate to, to say the right words or be the right resource with the right information. I know it is impossible for me to be that for everyone so instead, I will focus on the small group of people who want to go the journey with me.

I have established myself as an expert stylist and extensions specialist in the hair industry. I am a fifteen year senior stylist and I have had the honors of training many along the way. I, like so many others have had a rough childhood growing up in Baltimore Maryland, I chose to follow a sketchy path as a youth which lead to many poor decisions and a poor self -esteem. Not only was I running from my identity, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. through finding the hair industry, it allowed me to find love for myself. My relationship with the hair industry is a little different from most, I found myself by finding my purpose.

I want to share my experiences to help someone else make informed decision about business, life and hair!! I’m also here to absorb beautiful positive energy from other encouraging and inspiring people. Each one teach one is how we win the journey!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton