Yes, ladies, I am gonna spill this tea! Either you can relate to this as personal experience, or you have seen a few questionable weaves and wondered this for yourself! As an industry professional who specializes in flat weaves, I may be a little more sensitive to “bulky weaves” than most. A weave that doesn’t fit the head for me is as bad as wearing shoes that are too big. No matter how great everything else looks, they will ruin the entire outfit.

And while today trends seem to be the bigger the bundles, the more glamorous, it still needs to fit and contour the head. I come from an era where we wanted weaves and tracks so flat that we’d split them right in half to ensure that lay as smooth as possible. But now with the “more hair craze,” there seem to be heads walking around almost double the size! Not acceptable.

I could go on and on about the percentage of women I see with weaves that are literally bigger than the heads that they are on but instead I will focus on why they don’t lay flat. And some of the reasons may surprise you.

below you will find the link to my top 3 reasons that weaves don’t lay flat https://www.facebook.com/HairWeavesandExtensionsMD/videos/1396334173769493/UzpfSTE3MTQ0ODk2OTU5MTM1OToyMjQ1Njc0NjI4ODM1NDM5/?eid=ARA_3_64apXyCBHvg82_9aeRQ_j0PBLsowomOnGfhpu_EkW5g3xvinS4FeGTsOfaCDOq9YqzwuFL0kBy

Let’s start with the foundation:
A subject that kicks up quite a bit of controversy. I have shared many debates with other stylists about what is the best way to braid a weave foundation. Some like to braid in a beehive, some like to make intricate designs around the sides and back of the head, and I have even seen stylists make small cornrows like a designer hairstyle to make the weave lay flat. While all these foundations may be useful for something, they are useless to achieve a seamlessly blended weave.
To create a flat blended weave, the foundation or cornrows should go with the contour of the head. The head shape is round and back; the cornrows should be aswell. Our heads don’t go in a continuous circular motion, nor does it swirl on each side. Neither should your cornrows. The braids should always mimic the shape of the head as much as possible.

The wefts of hair:
This is where it gets a little tricky. When it comes to stitching and sewing, the technique is everything! I can not stress this simple point enough. It is not only about technique; it is also posture, yours and the clients. This is really an entire segment on its own but in a brief description when clients sit in my chair to get that seamless blend is they are alomost sitting like maniquins. It is not very comfortable but they keep coming back for more, because they love the results!

The more precise you become from the braid foundation and the way you hold the wefts to sew, to the way you stand and position your client’s head, you will become more accurate in creating flat weave styles. The upright posture helps to contour the shape of the head with the tracks.

No matter how many bundles you opt to put in the wefts should be laying close and uniformed to the head.




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5 Ways To Find A Stylist That Fits

The beauty industry has no shortage of talent, and it is saturated with creativity. There must be hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed experts who can, in five minutes or less teach you everything you need to know about weaving, extensions and anything else about hair.

There are even more videos that will have you ditching your regular stylist and DIY at home!

There are always the few that will never try to DIY at home because they would instead seek the help of a salon professional. But with so much talent and creativity, how do you find the needle in the haystack?

With hundreds of thousands of YouTube experts and even more salons, weaving specialist and at home stylist, how do you find the right one for you? It can be an intimidating experience, to say the least.

Then there is that ultimate dreaded experience, you seek, you find, and you try your new stylist out. But to no avail, it is everything you hoped it wouldn’t be! Your ten o’clock appointment turns into an eleven o’clock. Your stylist vaguely talks to you about your service, so you are not sure that you will get what you want. And the one that hits the hardest is, the cleanliness in which the environment is kept is way below standard.

Another one for the books!

And the journey begins again… Your looking for a stylist that can accommodate your needs and create your vision, someone who asks the right questions and listens — someone who takes pride in their workspace as well as the work that they do. You already know this won’t be easy!

I often speak to the stylists in my blogs, but today, this message is for the clients.


1) FOLLOW THE REVIEWS- Although reviews can get tricky, in this time of technology, it is accessible to finagle the reviews and make them more favorable. However, even if the review is not complimentary, you may generally find a commonality like; the stylist is timely, or they arrived on time, or they are reliable. Don’t always look for the 5-star review; look for the overall analysis. What is continuously being emphasized throughout most of the reviews, even if it isn’t a headlining review. Reviews aren’t fool-proof, but they are a great start.

2) CONSULTATION- Don’t be shy, talk to your could be stylist to see if you guys are on the same accord. If your stylist doesn’t have time to talk to you then perhaps they are too busy for you, and that’s not a good sign. We get used to that instant gratification, click a button, fill out a form or book online. Unfortunately, that’s not always reality when it comes to hair, especially weaves and extensions. Request to designate time out of your busy schedule and the stylist to make sure you connect via phone or in-person if this is what it will take to build a level of confidence in that stylist.

3) DON’T LOOK FOR GLAM- This is a time when it is easy to critique a stylist based on how glamorous they appear. Again, media sensations would have you believe that a good stylist should be dolled up and dressed to the nine’s. This notion can be deceiving. Sometimes a stylist can be so consumed with their personal glamour that they neglect yours. In other words, “sometimes,” a great stylist doesn’t have to be a diva to do excellent work but, long nails, high heels, and glam can also be a distraction and intimidating to a client. Don’t judge your stylist by how flawless her appearance is. Some stylists, like myself, would prefer to shine the light on their clients and not themselves.

4) BE POLITE- Sometimes, clients develop anxiety after being on the disappointment end of things over and over again. It is still important to let your guard down when seeking a new stylist. Just like relationships that thrive, you must leave the old baggage behind. It is ok to talk about past experiences; it is not ok to use them as leverage. All parties involved should be open to the new experience as though it was the first.

5) BE ON TIME- Stylists are notorious for running late or in some cases not showing up at all! But you should not let that be you if you want to start on a positive note with your new stylist. Good vibes can be broken on both ends when this happens. We can’t always predict a traffic jam or an emergency but try to be on time, especially if it is your first time.

I hope I have been able to drop a few jewels for you guys on finding your next great Weavologist or Stylist!

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Happy Searching.