To Wig Or Not To Wig, That Is The Question?

If you want to talk about a controversial question, this by far is one! Many women are looking for alternatives from the everyday wear, tear and stress that naturally happens with the hair grooming process. It is not easy to protect the hair 100% from the daily elements that we are exposed to as well as life changes that we have no control over for example; menopause, working out and cold and dry elements that affect the hair.

Wigs have truly evolved since back in the day when the idea of a wig automatically made you think about your grandmother, or maybe that’s just me. In all honesty I have never personally worn a wig but I have come across enough women who do to know that some love them and some absolutely despise them. But, the question still remains, where do they stand in regards to protective styles? Before I go into the answer, let me say that wigs are so fancy now you literally can not always tell that a person is wearing a one. That’s pretty amazing that craftsmanship has come around so much! I know you are wondering, if I think they are so amazing, why haven’t I tried one yet? Well let’s just say I’m a creature of habit and I haven’t evolved as quick as time.

Ok, back to the question at hand. To wig or not to wig? Unfortunately, it’s just not that cut and dry! It should come as no surprise that since wigs have changed so much from the old grandma wig that sits on your head like a hat, to laying so flat and seamless that you can’t even tell it didn’t grow out of the scalp. However; the base in which they are constructed on play a big part in how they protect the hair or contribute to damage. You probably knew that already, but for those that do not here is some more insight on wig bases and if they are beneficial to protecting your tresses. Naturally, the softer lighter the base cap is the more gentle it will be to your hair. However; that does not mean it has to be full lace or very expensive in order to be soft and gentle.

Here is a little more insight on cap bases and how they are constructed. Nowadays, caps are made with a combination of materials to give natural looks along with durability. There use to be a time when synthetic hair just looked synthetic and was constructed on hard, rough mesh material. Now you can buy synthetic wigs made on higher quality bases giving you a more natural look and better protection for the hair. The synthetic fibers are lighter as well which are contributing factors for what will aid in protecting the hair (better).

Don’t be fooled by categorizing wig bases as just lace or non-lace, there are other factors involved as well such as; the type of lace play’s a big part in how protective is will be. Swiss lace is softer than french lace but because of the softness it doesn’t hold up as well.

Ideally a full lace wig may be one the best wigs you can protect the hair with, it is airy, soft and has no mesh or netting to rub on the natural hair, but it is also expensive, and may not be practical for someone who wants to have a protective style but can not afford it. Therefore the next best thing is to purchase a wig that is constructed allowing you to have the best of all foundations where it is most important.

another option to consider with so many options in wigs, is using a cap that is soft and light such as this cap made of nylon material reinforced with a mesh lace cap that allows you durability and breath-ability.

This is a wig that I made for my daughter, when it was completed I removed the combs so that it could be more protecting against here hair without the pulling that the comb attachments sometimes create.

don’t forget you can alter your wigs by taking out the attachments such as combs, clips and clamps. If you need extra reinforcements you can simply use the elastic bands or have a stylist or extension specialist create a wig that works best for you and protecting your hair. Sometimes you may just need a customized fit to make it more protecting. If you have wig that has a good protective base but it is not fitting therefore you reinforce it with combs, clips and elastic that may create unnecessary tension on the hair making
it less beneficial.

no clips or combs were added to this base. it is sewn down.

Here is another look at a very soft breathable cap material that is not the finest of lace, but is still give you the flexibility and softness. hair is sewn onto the cap creating a custom unit that is cost effective and made just for the wearer!

wig base before hair is added
bodywave with 4′ clousure for scalp like part
straight hair with 4′ closure for scalp like part

In a great big nut shell, wigs can be protective in fact that can be very protective. when on the right base style. It can be lace, full lace, mesh or nylon but it must be light and breathable with minimal rubbing on the edges and top. A custom fit would be ideal because your technician should have access to some of the better cap foundations and it can be fitted allowing less reinforcement with elastic,clips, clamps and combs that often rub too much on the hairline.

other tips:

In addition to protecting your hair with wigs, keep in mind that too much of anything can eventually bring about wear and tear. You should not wear a wig everyday forever. Give the hair time to breath. Never wear your wig with out restricting your natural hair to move underneath. The way to do this is by plating or braiding it down if it is not long enough a stocking cap will suffice. Oil your scalp and maintain good scalp care underneath. Shampoo when necessary.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog! I hope you have found this information helpful.

Just Because You Wear Weave Does Not Mean It Is A Protective Style

The term “protective style” has really been taken out of content, a term coined just a few years ago that has taken off and many are under the impression that all weave and braid styles are protective for the hair. This could not be further from the truth! For people who have had a bad weave experience, they may think this is merely hogwash and there isn’t even a such thing as a protective style and honestly can you blame them? If a weave is designed to protect the hair why would one experience the complete opposite?

Simply put, all weaves are not protective styles! In fact getting the wrong hair extension service for your hair texture and type can cause irreversible damage! Hair and scalps can become so excessively tight and pulled that the damage done can not be reversed. So many bad experiences will cause some to loose all faith in the great benefits of weaves and extensions. The truth is when hair is under extreme distress, weaves and extensions are the only options (other then wigs) to leave the hair dormant and allow it to rejuvenate its self.

The problem occurs when the technician doesn’t know the right approach or technique to accommodate each individual and specific needs of the client. Sometimes weaves and extensions are not even an option when a persons hair is just too fine and fragile. However just because someone had a not so favorable weave experience does not mean they may not be a candidate for another option. It’s all about proper consultation and assessment.

I offer several option for my clients and very rarely do I have to tell someone that extensions may not be an options at all. I also offer hair replacement for extreme hair loss. Even when offering hair replacement it is important to know the options of the client to protect what existing hair they may have left. When it comes to hair texture and type, there is no one size fits all therefore if you are in the market for a protective style, make sure the technician is versed in more than one option. It may even be a good idea to ask him or her why they even suggest the method they chose as a protective option.

There are some extension styles that simply work better on African American hair texture than they do for Caucasian hair, such as braids. You will not believe how many straight hair and softer hair textured women have come to me for a braided sewin because that is the method they were used to. Braiding this type of texture, then reinforcing it with sewing weave, the tension and weight does not yield good results. This hair is too soft and it does not hold well braided. The excessive weight and tension does not make this a protective style but does more damage.

Although this next statement may cause a little controversy, however micro beads equally don’t work well in African American hair. Micro beads are a new and trendy extension method that really allows you to have a natural seamless weave but In black hair they tend to tangle into the beads. This causes more breakage than necessary. Another downfall is that in order to prevent that from happening you would have to remove them sooner than the installment should last which then makes it not cost effective. These are just few examples of one method is not best for all.

One more misconception about protective styles, unless you are transitioning into natural, they do not work well with relaxed hair. Whenever relaxed hair is braided down for long periods of time it will break, The hair has already been stripped of its integrity, when it is braided and sewed it becomes overly stressed and the ends will break. The new hair growth is however protected. The more covered the hair is the more protected it becomes but it is important to use proper and even tension when installing any method. Improper tension and pulling is the number one reason a weave causes damage.

Another thing to be conscious of is how much hair is being applied to each individuals head. Remember no two head of hair are exactly the same therefore it is important to consider texture and density. A big mistake I see so many people make is piling too much hair onto a head of hair that can not handle all of the stress. When weaves were first worn, the standard amount was 1 1/2 packs of hair and no more than two. Nowadays young ladies are opting for two, three and Even four packs of hair sewn onto their tresses and this is just too much!

Be mindful when on the market for a protective style and finding something that is best for you. Remember a protective style should do just that, protect your hair from the daily elements and the everyday wear and tear that cause breakage and slow growth. If it requires you to do more work or daily heat styling to your own hair that is not the best option.

Reasons Why A Weave Is Not A Protective Style:

too much pulling- weave should not be tight. No matter what the method is if it pulls your edges, if it pulls your scalp and if you have to take Tylenol to sleep at night. That is not a protective style!

wrong method- all weaves are not for everybody, find a technician that pays attention to details like: hair texture, density of your hair and problem areas (if any).

glue does not protect- If you used tape in extensions, glue-ins, or adhesive, they are not protective styles. Although there are methods using a protective layer of solution and a stocking cap with the glue in weaves that allow you to protect the hair and scalp while wearing them but unless they are done with this type of method it does not protect. Even when protecting the hair and scalp with glue in, it is not the best method.

Reasons Why A Weave Is A Protective Style:

you can reach your scalp- one of the important things about protective styles is that it allows you to reach your scalp. For some that may be oiling it to lubricate scalp and allow hair to grow with ease. For some that may mean special shampoo’s and conditioners.

it covers the majority of the head- it is true the more hair you put up the better. It is ok to have a leave out, but it is even better to put everything up and leave the hair dormant underneath. I see much better hair retention and growth when hair is left alone for up to three months with the necessary hair care in between. Micro link installs can not be completely covered, but again it is still beneficial.

Don’t be afraid to explore your options when your hair needs a break or you are going through a hair transition, these protective styles offer many benefits when done by the right person.

Living With IBS is Literally Tearing Me Apart!

And in today’s exciting news I want to tell you guys how living with IBS is literally tearing me apart! For those that are not familiar with the term, please allow me to explain ( without being to graphic). IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome and to my friends that don’t know it is real!

There are many signs of IBS such as gas, abdominal cramping, bloating, diarrhea and constipation just to name a few but for me it is all of the above and then some! Lucky for most people that suffer, they don’t suffer from all the symptoms and often it can just be occasionally.

My blog page is about real talk and occasionally some technical hair stuff, but today I can not keep it any more real than this! It started about five years ago when I began to complain about my many stomach issues. I can remember back then it would be the occasional quezzy stomach if I ate something that did not agree with me. I even went to the doctor about two or three years ago to get a few basic test done to find out why my digestive system was changing on me. Of course, like many times when going to the doctor’s office the test came back negative, and once again I was forced to believe it was all in my mind or as my family would put it, I’m just too picky!

Many outings with my family would result in lunch or dinner that I would not eat or send back because it was not to my liking. It has driven me delirious, mind boggled for many years wondering what in the hell was happening to me. What was especially weird was that often something I had recently consumed, now today it doesn’t agree with me. I knew for sure it was not all in my mind.

I would sometimes suppress the discomfort like many people do, and I would just ignore the signs of feeling like I had just been on a roller coaster ride after consuming some of my favorite foods. Not to mention the smell of my gas. My family would often chuckle that it is just gas and to get over it but what they did not understand is the upset tummy that accompanied that gas.

Besides, I know that gas and bow movements don’t smell like roses, but there is a thin line between death and roses. Plus I know my body and I new that this was abnormal.

Moving forward a few years since I had gotten tested for whatever the doctors were looking for, as usual, I was able to make some of my own break through’s about what is going on with my gut. Now this discovery has not lead me to relief or a cure, in fact today I am worse off than I have ever been. But I understand what is going on.

After becoming so frustrated and increasingly confused about why this was happening, I begin to do some eliminations in my diet. My body had become so sensitive that within moments of taking a bite of the wrong thing, I could feel the upset, turning and grinding that would happen in my body, more specifically my gut. Now some would say that should have been the first thing that I tried however, that’s the kicker because sometimes it would be those foods and sometimes it wouldn’t. That’s where the frustration comes in.

I started eliminating preservatives, gluten and packaged goods. The more alterations I would make to my diet the worst it would get, or at least it would not get any better. Here I am a natural lover of food. Food has always been my go to source for comfort and boredom or just an overall good time. I love cooking and entertaining, all surrounded by great food. To not be connected to foods I love is like taking apart of who I am. Now that’s deep.

Finally, at my ends wit I took a two week vacation to Las Vegas. Determined to prepare just about every meal that I consumed on that trip I made sure to grocery shop for the best ingredients and a lot of whole foods. Because of my demanding work schedule at home I’m generally able to prepare my meals once or twice a week, the rest of the week I’m free styling. I was really looking forward to eating my own food for two weeks, I knew for sure I would be able to monitor my intake. I figured if anybody knew how to feed me, it was me.

Well not only did I get to monitor my intake, I also threw my body into an IBS frenzy like you would not believe.

Upon preparing at least four meals out of each week for myself, I still could not get on top of the symptoms. Every night I went to bed with an upset tummy, cramping, gas and waking up the next day with explosive bow movements that kept me next to the toilet for most of the morning. There were maybe two days out of two weeks that I felt semi-normal. Talk about blown to the max!

This was difficult for me because I really wanted to take care of myself and my body but I just didn’t know what to do. My poor tummy was paying for every single thing I ate. The mind boggling part was that when I’m home I was eating out at least three times a week, now I’m preparing healthier meal choices but to no avail.

On the day of my break through it felt as though the blinders had been removed! Although that was short lived. I had just prepared frozen lentils, they were not fresh made however, they were organic filled with hearty vegetables and low in calories. I thought for sure this would be a winner! After night after night of discomfort I had decided to narrow my eating down to hearty soups, lean meats and veggies. No more snacks! Even the so called healthy snacks like apple sauce, popcorn, tortilla chips and dark chocolate were a problem.

Within minutes of finishing up my soup, my stomach begin to swell, I could literally feel it growing. I started cramping and the rest was history. Why did this happen? Well here is what I found out that day, and it changed my life.

Several of the foods I had consumed that two weeks are part of a food group called FODMAPS, this is an acronym for a few words that I will not even get into but of course you can look it up on your own. If you suffer from this I’m sure you will. FODMAPS are sometimes healthier foods that are low carbohydrate foods that the body does not digest well. That period of two weeks, I was literally overdosing on all the foods that my body could not breakdown. This is also why my situation was so extreme night after night.

Those foods that I was consuming a lot of were:

honey, onions, garlic, beans, artificial sweeteners, apples, corn and wheat

There are many other FODMAPS but this is just to name the ones that I was consuming during that time frame. I immediately purchased the book, Healthy Gut,Flat Stomach. This taught me about the foods I should stay away from and how they are the culprit of my extreme IBS condition. Unfortunately there is no cure, you just have to learn how to eat. Most people will not be as extreme of a case as I am unless there are some other underlined issues no lie, I live with gut pain every day of my life (I’m working on it).

like many conditions, this affects women more than men. Yes once again, men get to have their cake and eat it too (literally).

Finding out the culprit foods was a big relief but it was also like opening pandora’s box because not only do I have IBS induced by these foods as well as gluten sensitivity which eliminates even more foods I don’t get to enjoy, I also have a digestive issue that causes inflammation in my intestines, yikes! Because my doctor has not yet confirmed this particular disorder by name (I am going through testing as we speak, again) I can not give it a name but, after much research I know my condition will be diagnosed as some sort of itis (really I’m not being funny). You may not have an exaggerated situation like mine so a simple change in diet may be what you need if you suffer from this IBS condition.

In a nut shell, life has a funny way of giving you things you never thought you would have to adjust to or that you can handle. Here I am, a true lover of food who now has to see food as a source of nutrition and not comfort. I have to eat foods I don’t even like, sike myself out and pretend that it is my preferred food. I now have to eat to live and not live to eat, I am still in disbelief that this has become my new norm. Yes indeed I struggle everyday, I never could have imagined that every food choice I make will directly affect the way I will feel ten minutes later and most certainly affect how I feel when I awake the next morning.

The blessing (since there are no mistakes) is that this is generally not a life threatening disorder. It is more of an inconvenience. And that weight I been struggling to get off of me all my adult years should be no problem now.

While I could live off of a pill to aid in the comfort of me eating my comfort foods, I would rather just pass. I do take a few probiotics and prebiotics that help my digestive system function halfway normal, but I will not take a pills to force my body to take foods that it rejects, that is where I will draw the line.

For now I’m living with my new normal, some days are better than others but just about no days are without discomfort. I will be very happy to know the results of my testing and really understand this new adjustment to my life as an Ex-foodie. I also look forward to finally having that flat tummy I work so hard in the gym for but because of my love for food I never could achieve.

Life really has a way of bringing us around full circle

Hey there, for those that don’t know me, my name is Alithea Amore Robinson, born November 13, 1975 in New York City. Alithea, pronounced, Ah-lee-thee-uh, means Truth in the Greek language. As a youth until young adulthood, I was ashamed of my name, I felt it was old fashioned and I did not like to be called by that name!

Therefore, for many years and still, I have gone by the nickname, Lisa. It wasn’t until I found my truth and purpose that I realized how blessed I am to have been chosen to have that name. It represents the core of who I am and everything that I stand for.  My middle name Amore, means love in Spanish and French, ironically or maybe not ironic at all.

I identify my core values on the principal of living in my own truth and being lead by love. Not the googly kind, in fact I believe in tough love just as much as compassion. We all need a heavy dose of the truth even when it hurts sometimes. I didn’t always see value in truth and love especially when I didn’t even accept who I was by my god-giving name, imagine that.

A name I once despised is now a name I hold sacredly with dignity and honor. Life truly has a way of bringing things around in full circle. What we once despised we grow to love. What we once wanted desperately has now lost it’s value. What we said we would never do we often find ourselves in that same catch 22! My favorite evolution of all, when they counted you out, or maybe you counted you out and then the tables turn!

As a troubled youth, who struggled through an overlooked learning disorder and low self-esteem, I failed the second grade and was behind grade level all the way through school until I finally dropped out of the 9th grade. A young teenage mother and high school dropout, I wrote my own self off as a failure who would not go far in life. I didn’t believe I was smart enough or capable of being successful.

At the age seventeen I was forced by my parents to go to beauty school as a final attempt to turn my life around.  I was not one to be easily swayed or convinced to do anything I did not want to do and although I wasn’t the least bit interested in the beauty industry I decided to do as instructed and give it a go. It became one of the best decisions I have ever made for my life!

I attended one of the best beauty schools in the state of California, at the time I did not know what that really meant. I didn’t think that I would do well, after all there was math, science and chemistry involved and I felt very discouraged to take on the challenge, but I did.

I was part of the graduating class of 1993, the first thing I had ever completed! It gave me the confidence to start believing that I was more capable than I knew. Graduating beauty school was the catalyst that opened me to new possibilities for my life and my young daughter’s life. The first five years of my career I had the privilege to shadow behind a very well-known hair weave expert. He gave me the foundation and tools to follow in his footsteps one day. 

In 2001, after exactly five years of working hard in a new city, I still failed to build a clientele and I was just making enough money to live. I finally caught a big break! I had an amazing opportunity to open a beauty salon inside of a beauty store in my community. I had no clients, no stylist and no money but I had faith! I had faith the size of a mustard seed and I believed that if I stepped out on faith, showed up everyday on time and maintained my professional demeanor that I could capture the attention of the people shopping in the beauty store, and I did!

I knew based on what I was taught in beauty school, talent was important but being available and reliable would have just as much impact. My goal was to combine all those things and stand out from the masses. From the day I opened the doors with no clients, no stylist and no money, I was able to build a very successful salon with clientele and over a twelve-year time span, I opened two more!

In 2006, I opened up my own beauty store and salon establishment, Hair Weaves and Extensions Salon, where I trained and mentored other stylist who wanted to build a successful industry career as well. My website, has been a number one searched website for years and all the keywords are still top ranking in google search engine today. My mission statement is to love what you do, have a service mentality, be on time for work and the rest will follow.

In 2016, I closed my brick and mortar establishment the plans are to completely retire from standing behind the chair over the next few years, presently I focus on mentoring, writing and teaching others who want to learn my weaving and hair replacement techniques. I still still do private work with women who suffer from hair loss.

Alithea Amore Robinson, the girl who once believed she had no worth and was not able to be successful because I thought I wasn’t smart. The girl who hated her name and now her request is when you say it, say it correctly! A girl, who once looked down on her self but now loves her self from the inside out.

And, although to some I may not have accomplished much but looking back at the journey, for me it has been leaps and bounds!

Today I am a senior cosmetologist, expert stylist, mentor, author and owner of Truth Organic Products.

And my journey has just began!

want to no more, want to know how, want to know me

Where Do We Find The Balance?

Have you ever tried finding peace in the midst of all the noise and distraction around you? This comes easy for some, but for me not so much. I’m on a constant quest for balance and I like many, find myself distracted by the noise of social media, work lines and emails! But, not only business and social, family demands as well. The balance between the world and peace of mind is extremely thin.

Just about all these things are distracting with nonsense, (sometimes) including family . It’s so easy to look up and realize you’ve wasted a lot of time engaging in things that don’t mean anything, or at best; they can wait. These distractions throw us off every time! I can speak for myself in that just like working out to stay fit and healthy is a never ending quest, so is the balancing acts of life. For me exercise and balancing life have become as natural as drinking water.

For me it is about getting on top of day, this is why I’m generally awake one or two hours before my day has to officially start. I sit in silence for at least twenty minutes before my feet even touch the floor. It also means exercise, listening to motivational speaking, a cup of coffee etc.. If I had to jump into my morning any other way it would throw me off and I wouldn’t be at my best. Society and social, influences us to just go. Consume more, do more, and everything we need or want is at the tip of our finger with one swipe or click. No wonder people can’t figure out if their coming or going! No wonder why adults suffer attention deficit just as much as the youth, the broad spectrum between everyday life and peace of mind is staggering!

Not only do we spend our day to day taking all of these things in we are also being affected by all the things that we see, hear and as a result; feel. At one point, I was so consumed with life that I never took time to smell the roses. I worked so much and became so busy in the salon that eventually, my physical being took a toll, I was so stressed out that I was hard to be around. Now, my stress level is at a minimum, it’s hard to believe I am the same person. Its not that change came easy, its that balance and peace became very important. It became a matter of physical and mental health.

I have even learned to live a minimalist lifestyle in exchange for peace and detachment from things. Again, this is day by day and each moment at a time process. All things that we maintain are generally work and progress, eliminating clutter and dysfunction are no different. I de-clutter and work daily to stay within my center. And I will never again be consumed by the world or things that don’t mean much to me.


WAKE UP EARLY EACH MORNING- I start my morning with thankfulness, and I am able to power through my day with gratitude.

WORKOUT- Exercising in the morning is one of the most important parts of my day.

ACUPUNCTURE- For overall wellness and, you guessed it, balance!

TIME ALONE- I can not stress enough how important my me time is! I take me out on dates, I go on vacations, I even like to have alone time to reflect on my birthday.

DECLUTTER- I make a point to remove old unwanted things out of my space on a regular occasion, if it has no purpose it can not stay. It is a known fact that we can not clear our minds in an unclear space.

What are some of the things that you do for personal happiness, peace and balance?

Life will always throw lemons at you,–you better learn how to make lemonade.

Never Give Up On You

Most of us have lived in dysfunction at some time in our lives even if we grew up in a loving and supportive environment. dysfunction causes us to see life as the glass half empty, it causes us to doubt ourselves and not believe life can be better. Believing in yourself may be one of the most difficult but most important pieces of life’s puzzle, especially when we are experiencing discord. You must have a strong since of belief in yourself in order to sustain and stand during times of adversity. It will also allow you to gain the most impact from success. All the talent or passion in the world will not suffice for low self-esteem and/or a poor belief system. This becomes the result of dysfunction and discord. Unfortunately, self-love, self-worth, and a strong belief system will not be covered under any formal training program. You must discover and unveil that on your own. It is innately within us, you must find it in order to serve at your highest potential level.

“you must believe in yourself, even when know else will” ~Denise Kimbro

I spent so many years looking for love in all the wrong places. I spent so many years angry and bitter about the hand I thought I was given. It wasn’t until I learned to look within myself that my life begun to soar. I never realized, back then how much the dysfunction and discord around me played apart in my lack of confidence. I would sit and admire the beauty of all the things that I was missing and believing it could never happen for me. I would admire people who were happy and successful. I thought that because of my lack of self-love, I could never be that happy. I thought because of my lack of education I could never be successful. When the people around me didn’t support me, I thought that their opinions of me must be true. All of those thoughts and feelings were a lie! If I can give you any one thing, let me give you this–you are not who they say you are. You are who God has made you to be, and that is sufficient. Follow your passion and never believe the naysayers. Once you find your own passion and rhythm you will be able to then work the process of being the best version of yourself you can be. If you follow your passion and you relentlessly work at that process, you will see your dreams come true and you will see the impossible become possible! It really is that simple; but first you must believe in you. When I say it is simple, I do mean in theory of course. There is absolutely nothing easy about making change through dysfunction.

Once I found what I was passionate about it created a domino effect within myself. I began to develop a sense of self-worth and purpose. Not only did I change my mind about who I was, I was changing the discord that had become my life. I found joy and happiness and it was not through the eyes of those around me nor my loved ones. I found my own definition of; Who I Am. This process will be different for everyone however; the fact will always remain if you find your purpose you will find your happiness.

“the relentless pursuit to happiness starts with passion and it ends in purpose”~Alithea Robinson

No matter your past, no matter your current situation, never give up on you even when you stand alone. This is so critical to your happiness, future and success. We are often influenced to believe that our families and loved ones know what’s best for us, this is not true. They may see a glimpse of what’s best for us or may see a glimpse of our potential but even they don’t know what our highest potential is when we stand strong in purpose.

If you feel unhappy or unfulfilled you have the right to change that for yourself. It’s OK for you to find your happiness! If you don’t like your job, find a better one. if you don’t like your living situation and you are an adult, find another one. If you have family and loved ones that don’t support you, find another support system! Again it’s that simple, life is too short to allow dysfunction and discord to keep us from finding happiness and finding our passion.

Remaining is places that hold us from growing will cause internal misery. If you are holding yourself hostage and keeping you from the wonderful purpose on your life, your doing the world and yourself a great disservice.

Imagine living a life that nurtured you and gave back too you more than you put in it. Imagine living a life that rewarded you with positive thinking, peace and prosperity. Imagine going to work and loving what you do. Can you imagine what it would feel like to love your life? It’s all possible when you believe you deserve to live your best life. It is the result when you start believing that you deserve better. I know it is not easy, I know that things don’t happen overnight. Your still worth it! Never give up on you and never wait for the world to validate you, find your purpose and show the world who you are!

“I decided I wasn’t going to wait for someone to grab me by the hand and lead me down the journey of life, but I was going to start living my own life.”~Alithea Robinson

be touched, be moved, be inspired, be great!
Believe In You no matter what

The Journey Begins

Welcome and thank you for joining me! Welcome to my new blog journey. My name is Alithea Robinson. As a youth I really struggled with that name. I could not find value in that name although I knew it had a very special meaning. I could not figure, out of all the names in the world how I ended up with a name such as this. Not only was it an older name, it is also butchered by most who attempt to say it! My name is pronounced, Ah-lee-thee-ah, it means truth in the Greek language. Ironically my middle name Amore mean love in french and Spanish. I hated that name so much that I voluntarily nicknamed myself, Lisa.

My name is who I am and it represents a part of my inner strength. A name I once ran away from I now draw strength from. It’s amazing to me how life’s journey has a way of unfolding in that way. Think about it, the things we love are often the same things we find fault in (people and things). That which makes us happy often has the ability to make us sad. And the things we crave and long for are often the things that we don’t need.

Here on this blog platform, you will find truth, love and inspiration beyond my expertise in the hair industry. I want to see everyone evolve into their greater selves, I invite you to evolve with me! Life happens; just like bad weaves, but good, bad or indifferent, the journey never stops! Life, also like bad weaves can be made better!

Every now and again you need someone you can relate to, to say the right words or be the right resource with the right information. I know it is impossible for me to be that for everyone so instead, I will focus on the small group of people who want to go the journey with me.

I have established myself as an expert stylist and extensions specialist in the hair industry. I am a fifteen year senior stylist and I have had the honors of training many along the way. I, like so many others have had a rough childhood growing up in Baltimore Maryland, I chose to follow a sketchy path as a youth which lead to many poor decisions and a poor self -esteem. Not only was I running from my identity, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. through finding the hair industry, it allowed me to find love for myself. My relationship with the hair industry is a little different from most, I found myself by finding my purpose.

I want to share my experiences to help someone else make informed decision about business, life and hair!! I’m also here to absorb beautiful positive energy from other encouraging and inspiring people. Each one teach one is how we win the journey!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton